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Highlights of the Salter Brecknell GP100 & GP250

Construction: 22 gauge steel with ribbed base designed to protect against damage to the scale

Display: Four large 25 mm / 1″ H digits, backlit LCD display

Keyboard Functions:

  • HOLD Freezes weight on the display only when a weight of 3 lbs or more is placed on the scale
  • TARE Removes weight of empty container or item placed on the scale to obtain a net weight
  • UNITS Scrolls between kilograms and pounds Turns scale on or off and returns scale to zero weight

Indicator Displayed Messages:

  • L0 Battery is weak After 5 minutes scale will turn off

Auto Zero Tracking: Includes AZT (Auto Zero Tracking) at 0.5 or manual push button to reestablish zero reference when displayed weight is less than 2% of capacity

Overload Capacity: Capable of withstanding 200 kg ot 400 lb of weight without damaging the scale

Auto Shut down: To conserve battery life the display will shut down after 2 minutes of non-use. Can be configured via the keypad for Off, 2 or 4 minutes.


  • Battery Operated: Uses one 9 volt battery
  • Portable: Attached handle allows for easy transport
  • Internal Backlit Display: Display is integrated into the scale base. 25 mm / 1″ high backlit digits allow for easy visibility
  • Weight Hold Key: Locks the weight reading when a large package blocks the display
  • Discrete Switch Keyboard Technology: Unique key button design to ensure reliability and longevity
  • Electro-Mechanical Design: Ensures greater accuracy even at higher weight capacities


  • Weighing
  • Display hold



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