The New COU Advance Queue System is our latest addition to this range.

A modern design main display unit with bright blue 100mm digits sets the overall style of this system which can be configured as a head of queue call forward system or a take a ticket type system.

Main features:
◦Brilliant Ultra Blue LED Display
◦Best Speech and Chimes
◦Keypads or Wire Free Radio Buttons
◦Easy Self Install

Multiple Operating Modes:

Call Forward Mode
In this mode the system operates as a head of queue call system so the announcement would be for example
“Cashier Number 3 Please”

Call Foward Mode with Tickets
In this mode the system operates as a ticket system which directs customers to a particular location for example
Ticket Number 88 Please Go To Position 4″

Ticket System
In this mode the system acts as a take a ticket system with an announcement such as
“Ticket Number 66 Please”

Each of these modes is fully configurable with a choice of phrases , languages and number of buttons.

The call buttons are full featured remote control units with a long battery life and 10m range. The system comes with a wide selection of chimes and speech phrases. The speakers, with their Rare Earth Neodymium Iron Boron magnets, produce superb, high quality, stereo sound.

Plays standard MP3 files allowing you to easily add your own speech messages.

The ultra slim display, with a depth of just 39mm accepts a standard VESA mount making installation quick and easy.

A moving message and direction arrows are optionally available to further inform customers.

For large waiting areas link multiple displays together.

For back office feedback use remote information displays to show Queue Length or Average Waiting time.

With a wide range of compatible items to choose from including Counter displays, Keypads, Ticket Dispensers, Ticket Printers and Wire Free buttons, putting a Queue management System together is easy.

Ask for a fully bespoke quote for your exact requirements today.


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