Benefits of the Salter Brecknell 6030 IP67 Portion Control Scale

Things can get messy when you work in the food service industry, so it pays to use a weighing scale that can withstand regular wash downs. The waterproof and dust proof Salter Brecknell 6030 IP67 Portion Control Scale has a completely sealed design, protecting the delicate interior whenever it’s time to pressure wash your kit to kill germs. The food grade upper cover and removable platter are easy to clean, with both made from stainless steel to prevent corrosion. Accurate to 3 divisions and with a capacity from 1g to 5kg, the portion-weighing scale is ideal for weighing small amounts of coffee, loose fruit, vegetables, fish and meat, there is a tare function for removing the weight of a container. The 5-digit LCD display is clear and easy to read for you and your customers, and the compact size means you can fit it in the tightest of gaps or on a slim countertop. It’s battery operated too, so you do not have to sit it near a power point (although you can use a separate AC adapter if you’d like).


  • Capacity: 5kg
  • Readability: 1g
  • Units: g, lb, oz, lb:oz
  • Display: 20 mm LCD with five digits
  • Construction: Food grade stainless steel upper cover and removable stainless steel platter for easy cleaning
  • Battery or AC/DC Operation; 9 volt alkaline battery (included), AC adapter (not included)
  • Three Function Keys; On/off, tare, units
  • Low Battery/Overload Indication
  • Power Saving with Auto Off Feature
  • 1 Year warranty


  • Weighing


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