The New Glory Ntegra compact is a poymer note ready replacement for the EV8650 series

Ntegra Compact is a small and portable banknote counting & sorting solution for your teller suitable for GBP & all Scottish Notes notes including new issues. When space is a primary consideration Ntegra Compact in the answer. Designed to fit the footprint of a traditional single pocket banknote counter, Ntegra Compact is a space-saving, light and ergonomic solution for today’s busy teller.

Whether it is in a front office application of a bank branch, or a cramped back office environment of a fast food restaurant or retailer, Ntegra Compact is the new standard for banknote counting.

The Ntegra Compact offers numerous enhancements over traditional single pocket counters, which all combine to ensure the Ntegra range offers additional operational improvements for the user:

  • Comparable footprint and size to single pocket banknote counters
  • High-resolution full-width detection system ensures improved image detection and fewer false rejects
  • Face / Orientation / Mix sorting modes
  • A range of connectivity options allow greater operational flexibility, and more data storage options
  • An intuitive graphical user interface that displays key operational data
  • Clearance Program (Multi Batch Recording)
  • Dual-user operation for greater flexibility
  • Optional mini report printer for a full audit trail
  • 12 Months swap out warranty as standard

Flexible modes of operation With an increasing number and complexity of counterfeit notes that must be detected, to meet Central Bank regulations, the Ntegra Compact offers a wide range of operational modes; counting, authentication, denomination sorting, mixed bundle valuing, multi-currency processing, facing and orientation of banknotes, issue splitting and serial number printing.


  • Ntegra Compact Technical Information
    Users Dual (optional)
    Image detection Contact Image Sensor High resolution visible and IR UV Fluorescence Magnetics
    Speed range 700 – 1000 notes per minute
    Document range 55 × 100 mm to 85 × 185mm
    Capacity Feed Hopper = 500 notes
    Stacker Hopper = 200 notes
    Reject = 50 notes
    Display 3.3″ Full Colour touch screen LCD
    Connectivity 2 × RS232 Serial 1 × USB 2.0 (Slave) 1 × USB 1.1 (Host) – optional LAN – optional SD card – optional System memory 2 Gb
    Power supply 100 – 240V AC, 50/60 Hz
    Power consumption 140 W
    Dimensions (H × W × D) 284* × 273 × 269 mm
    Weight 8.5 kg
    Accessories Additional currencies Remote display


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