•  Value counts mixed & sorted banknotes
  •  100% accurate 8-fold counterfeit detection
  •  Bank of England certified detection
  •  Mixed & single denomination batch counting
  •  High-speed counting (1,500 notes/min)
  •  Top loader: High volume continuous counting
  •  Suitable for polymer & old banknotes
  •  Add function
  •  Export count report to a PC (free software)
  •  USB & SD update ports (free currency updates)
  •  Value counts sorted notes for all currencies
  •  Rogue currency & denomination detection
  •  Large touch screen & easy to use



The NC50 is in a class of its own. It is engineered for high volume, mixed-note counting for up to 12 currencies with Bank of England certified counterfeit detection. Alongside heavy-duty performance, the NC50 offers unique functionality including mixed-note batch counting, rogue denomination & currency detection and an easy to use touch screen.

The NC50’s top loading hopper enables continuous counting while it counts at high speed (1,500 notes/min). Batch & add functions help you organise your cash, single denomination value counting can be used for all currencies & count reports can be easily exported to a PC using our free ZZap Banknote Counting Software.


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