New for 2016 is the PD20 portable banknote detector & scanner.
In response to demand from the outside catering , taxi companies , hospitality and ticketing sectors we are pleased to introduce this great new device.
Simple clips on a belt and powered by a Lithium rechargeable battery , the PD20 can scan and check Euro or GBP banknotes in under 0.5 seconds, giving a definitive yes or no answer.
This takes the confrontation elemant away from staff as it is the machine making the decision and not the staff member.
Fully updateable for new notes via a USB connection.

Invaluable for all oustide events and mobile businesses taking cash.

Detection methods – IR,MI,2D Paper Transparency
Speed – <0.5 seconds per note
Battery – Rechargable Lithium 7.4v 700mah
Dimensions – 124mm x 100mm x 66mm
Weight – 0.5kg
Package contents – PD20 Detector , Belt Clip , USB Cable , Hanging Strap , Mains Adapter


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