This new & exclusive Queue Management System is designed primarily for environments whereby customers are waiting for a specific order eg fast food , T shirt printing , product customisation , prescriptions etc.
Customers are given a numbered ticket or a reference number is printed on their receipt and they can simply carry on shopping etc while their order is being prepared.
Once their order is ready the system will chime and show the order ready number on the large LED screen and also show the previous 5 orders processed,

Powered by a powerful mini pc llinked to a large 32″ LED screen and controlled by a bluetooth wireless keypad , all required hardware and fixings are supplied in the package.

12 months swap out warranty for your complete peace of mind

Processor – Quad Core mini PC running Linux
Display Size – 73cm x 44cm HD LED screen
Keypad – Bluetooth wireless mini keypad
Mounting Options – wall mounted bracket for screen
Alert Method – Ding Dong chime sound & flashing number display


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