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Mach 3 is a versatile, cost efficient, compact coin sorter and counter that simplifies coin processing for any business that requires a fast, accurate.


Mach 3 is a versatile, cost efficient, compact coin sorter and counter that simplifies coin processing for any business that requires a fast, accurate and robust machine to count, sort and batch coins.
Ultimate in versatility the Mach 3 sorting containers can be configured to create a truly customised solution for each application. Processing only a few coins of one denomination? Use a standard drawer for coin capture. Processing large amounts of other denominations? Use a bagging attachment to limit the number of times a user need stop the count process. Coin drawers (two sizes) or large coin bags can be used in any combination to optimise throughput.

Portable Compact size The Mach 3 is equally at home sitting on the counter of a small bank branch, retail cash office, or, using the built-in carrying handle, transported from location to location to process vending or ticket machine contents. Counter space at a premium? The MACH 3 easily stores under the counter and out of the way until it’s needed.

Technical specification

Coin size range – Diameter: 15.0mm to 32.4mm, Thickness: 1.0mm to 3.0mm, Differential: 0.5mm minimum
Tilting inspection pan capacity – Up to 1500 coins
Coin feed (hopper) capacity – Up to 600 coins
Processing speed – Up to 1500 coins per minute
Sorting capability – Up to 6 different denominations
Exact Bag stops – Three selectable bag stops per denomination
Security features – Battery back up in the event of power failure
Power supply – 90V – 264 AC, 50/60 Hz
Connectivity – RS232 serial interface port, USB-B
Options – Tokens, non-round coin, etc.
Subject to review
Standard coin drawers – up to 500 coins
Mega coin drawers – up to 1000 coins
Large Bag Bagging attachment
Tabletop Stand
Printer – 24 column
Remote batch total display
Soft-sided carry bag used with standard drawers
Ease of use User selectable bag stops as well as batch and grand totals are accessed via a direct access keypad. A two-line alphanumeric display conveys operational messages at a glance. With few moving parts and full coin path access, the Mach 3 is easy to use and maintain.

Configuration options Every Mach 3 includes; an extra large inspection pan reducing the number of coin pours required to process coin batches, RS232 and USB interface ports supporting printer, remote display, or PC interface and exact stopping ensuring the precise number coins selected by an operator enter a coin drawer or bag. Optional features include audit trail printer, remote display, carrying bag/cover, and magnet kit for removal of ferrous slugs and debris. As the cash solutions experts, over 5000 retail banks already trust De La Rue’s solutions and expertise. The global market leader in Branch Teller Automation solutions, De La Rue’s unrivalled knowledge of the complexities of cash management enables us to understand individual customer requirements, to propose a quantified value proposition and compelling business case to help achieve commercial, operational and financial goals.


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