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6710U Point of Sale Bench Scales

The 6710U series is a food safe, legal for trade scale. Using USB, this POS point-of-sale interface scale is ideal for linking to a wide range of electronic cash registers, printers, tablets or to other POS integrated systems. Food safe & NSF approved, with easy to clean 304 stainless steel weight platters making it ideal for use with a wide range of foods or food processes. This scale comes with indicator as standard with optional column or remote display options. This scale has been designed to be simple to use with an easy to read LCD back lit display. Although very popular due to its POS USB plug and play connectivity, this scale has other time saving features making it ideal for other food prep or industrial kitchen applications. Hands free touchless tare, ideal for recipe /portion control applications, with a built in photo eye that can easily be turned on to activate by hand movement in front of the display, to simple checkweighing to basic counting. All to help guarantee that all goods sold are to weight of quantity.

Features & Benefits

  • Dual Capacity Options:0 – 3 kg x 1 g / 3 – 6 kg x 2 g

    0 – 6 kg x 2 g / 6 – 15 kg x 5 g

  • ≤ .01% accuracy
  • Weighs in kg, g
  • Operating Keys: Hold/Print, On/Off/Zero, Unit, Tare
  • Easy-to-Install and Operate: Interfaces to most electronic cash registers and point of sale software in a few simple steps
  • NSF Approved: Making it ideal for use within most food processing environments
  • ″Touchless″ Tare: Just wave or place your hand over the display to zero the scale. This unique feature enhances food handling safety
  • Quick Disconnect: Makes all cable connections easy
  • Check Weighing: OK annunciator with alarm for precise count/weight control
  • Count Weighing: Piece counting to speed up productivity (non-trade models only)
  • Hold: Positive peak, negative peak, average and auto hold. This function captures and displays a steady, average weight
  • Auto Zero Tracking: Maintains the zero indication within certain limits automatically
  • Alternate Calibration Points: Allows use of less than full capacity weight for calibration
  • Auto-Compensation: Allows local gravity adjustments to avoid initial calibration with test weights
  • Adjustable Filter Settings: Reduce environmental vibration noise for superior precision and rapid measurements
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • Display Bracket: allows you to fix the display to the front of the scale
  • Display Post: allows you to create a tower display at the back of the scale


  • Point of Sale
  • Portion Control
  • Food Checkweigher
  • Counting Scale (none approved model only)
  • Legal for Trade Scale (trade approved model only)


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