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Safescan 165i Highlights

The Safescan 165i is your ultimate protection against counterfeit banknotes with quick, easy and comprehensive verification of several currencies.

Eliminate human errors and customer confrontations with 100% accurate authentication featuring six-point detection including watermark, infrared profile, magnetic properties, security thread, holograms, and paper size and thickness.

Its operation is fast and simple! Insert bills in any direction and in less than 0,5 seconds, authenticity is checked. What’s more, our value counting feature gives you the option to display the total value of all the scanned banknotes. An alarm sounds when a suspected banknote is detected.

Safescan 165i can detect up to 5 different currencies and has special sensors to detect counterfeit US dollars. It comes preloaded with GBP, EUR, USD, CHF and PLN and can be updated with other currencies via the USB port.

The compact size and optional rechargeable battery offer convenience and flexibility for any business. The counterfeit detection backed by 100% accuracy testing for GBP (www.bankofengland.co.uk/banknotes) and for EUR (www.ecb.int).


  • 100% counterfeit detection for GBP (www.bankofengland.co.uk/banknotes) and for EUR (www.ecb.int)
  • 6-fold automatic counterfeit detection: Infrared, Magnetic and Metal features, Watermark, Size and Thickness
  • Suitable for the detection of the first series Euro banknotes as well as the new Europa series banknotes
  • Suspected banknote alarm with visual and audio alert.
  • Shows quantity and totals
  • Checks 5 currencies: GBP, EUR, CHF, USD & PLN
  • Insert GBP, EUR in any direction
  • Insert CHF, USD, PLN in 1 direction
  • Large & Clear LCD display
  • Compact size
  • Currency update port
  • Verification speed: < ½ second
  • Automatic banknote verification
  • Automatic standby after 30 seconds
  • Add function: total notes checked & total amount checked
  • Software available for e.g.: SEK, NOK, DKK, PLN and other world currencies
  • Banknote exit direction from the front or rear
  • Optional battery available for up to 30 hours of operation without recharging
  • Dimensions: 159 x 128 x 83mm
  • Weight: 620 g
  • AC/DC adapter (220V-240V)
  • CE approved


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